The baby elephant simply can’t be separated from his heroine anymore who saved his life


The story of this salvation shocked the whole world. Many still claim that animals can not have feelings.

But the story of this elephant and his family will change your perception.

An elephant named Moyo was saves from drowning while trying to cross a river.

He was only a few days old at that time. Unfortunately, his mother had left him and he was left completely alone.

Byt happily , good people found him at the right time and his life was saved. Without them, things could end badly.

People took Moyo to the so called”Wild is life” sanctuary, founded by Roxy Dankwert, who became the mother of the orphan baby.

After that day, the baby follows its mother, where she goes.

He even knows Roxy’s voice and smell and always knows where she is.

It’s just amazing. Of course, Moyo continues to grow, and it has become more difficult to keep him at home.

But they are so attached to the animal that releasing it will be the hardest decision for them.

However, Roxy does not want to restrict the animal’s freedom, and if the time comes and they realize that it would be better for the animal to go wild, they will do so because their only goal is to do the best they can for the animal.

Nevertheless, the elephant is still small and will continue to live with them and under their care.

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