The mother dog had to give birth in the cold street, and they would have died if it weren’t for this kind man


A stray dog ​​named Hera had to give birth on the street during that cold winter day.

The poor mom had to fight to feed and protect her newborn cubs. He saw a drainage pipe on the way and decided to take her cubs there.

But their torturous days were still ahead. She knew that her babies would not have survived the cold days without human intervention.

The puppies’ condition was getting worse, and Hera was very restless and did not know how to protect and warm the cubs.

She hoped that someone would finally come and rescue them. And finally there seemed to be a glimmer of hope of salvation.

Some people passing by suddenly heard their voices and followed in their footsteps.

They suddenly spotted a helpless dog with its pups and immediately contacted a dog shelter volunteers.

Because of the snowstorm, most of the pipes in the area were covered with snow and rescuer was able to find the mother with her cubs, following in their footsteps.

In the video you can see how they are rescued and taken out of the pipe.

Her 4-week-old pups were so cold on the street that they were shivering.

Of course, it was very difficult to get the cubs out because they were afraid of people.

But they had to be taken out quickly, because it was already dark.

Even the weather got worse, but the volunteer stayed until the puppies could be taken out.

Thanks to the volunteer’s efforts, the mother dog and her cubs were finally rescued.

What a touching story; We are so happy that they were all saved.

The mother dog also will always be grateful to their rescuers.

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