The tigress, which was probably injured by poachers, left her cub with the huntsman and disappeared.


Ivan had been working as a hunter in the forest for many years and of course he had met many animals during those years. Recently he met another wonderful animal.

This species of tiger is quite rare in those parts and this man was aware that these animals are registered in the Red Book, so their hunting is prohibited.

He was busy with his daily work processes when he suddenly saw a tiger that was almost next to him.

Although he understood that the wild animal could tear him to pieces, he seemed to be confident that nothing would happen.

The tigress approached him quietly. The man suddenly noticed that the tiger had a deep wound and was bleeding.

He immediately realized that she was harmed by the poachers.

The tiger seemed to be asking him for protection. She suddenly turned around and went back. After a while she came back, but this time she was not alone.

She held a little tiger cub in his teeth. She left the baby with this man and disappeared. The tiger cub was very small and needed immediate care.

So the man decided to take care of the tiger cub until he would be ready to return to the wild. He fed the tiger cub from a bottle for a month.

He was recovering and growing day by day.

He began to feel like a pet and played with cats and dogs. The hunter named the cub Cupid.

A year had passed since that day and it was time to release him into the wild.

Unfortunately, many poachers still use tiger skin and bones to make tinctures and other things too.

Please, do not treat these animals so cruelly for just material gain.

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