The photographer managed to capture 2 wonderful owls, which was sharing a very tender moment


One photographer captured 2 sweet birds, which convey so much love to the viewers.

Օwls are known to be solitary birds, so it was amazing to see such scene.

He did not miss that wonderful moment and gave us that opportunity too to admire this wonderful couple.

The photographer was so happy that these two met him. What we see is a very rare sight.

What a romantic date between these two!

These shots were taken in a small village in Staffordshire.

The photographer said that when he was photographing these two, they suddenly became more tender and delicate.

Then came the moment when they started kissing each other.

The artist mentions that he was simply amazed by those scenes. He had never witnessed such a scene before.

The birds stayed there for about 2-3 minutes on a tree branch and all that time they were so sweet and tender with each other.

The most interesting thing is that the two birds were not really partners, but sisters, and it is difficult to find an explanation about it at this time.

They are actually loving sisters, but not a breeding couple.

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