Volunteers rescued four newborn kittens from the street and took them to receive immediate medical attention


That’s so gratifying that there are people who are not indifferent to those in need of help and reach out for help without a minute’s hesitation.

One day volunteers found five newborn kittens and rushed them to a shelter.

One of the kind-hearted volunteers created such comfortable conditions for them that the cats felt very good and safe.

These cats were so beautiful and immediately attracted the attention of people with their unique appearance.

There were many beautiful patterns on their bodies. They were about a month old, but they were so calm.

They were always together and liked to gather in a corner of their narrow room.

They gradually became more active and accustomed to human contact.

The workers of the shelter took a wonderful care of the babies.

In a very short time, these little shy kittens transformed into playful soft balls.

Now they are more confident and like to play together all day and have a wonderful time in that caring and loving environment.

In two weeks these wonderful little babies will be fully ready to get adopted and find their eternal homes.

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