The K9 dog officer poses so professionally for a photo shoot for his new ID badge


I think everyone will agree that dogs are our most loyal friend and we have been convinced of that thousands of time.

They are ready to protect us in every way, not even sparing their lives. You’ve probably heard of K9 dogs.

Police dogs are quite skilled at their job and are dedicated to helping law enforcement.

Their responsibilities include finding explosives, seeking medicine, searching for evidence at the scene, and so on.

They just do their job perfectly well. The hero of this story is a very brave dog named Chico.

He works as a K9officer in the Orange County, Florida.

Based on the words of many officers who work with the dog, he is very smart and always performs all the job in the best way possible.

Robert Lis is the manager of Chico who has become his best friend over the years.

Chico is the best for him. He had never dreamed of having such a wonderful companion before.

Chico also always wears his military uniform, which gives him an even more practical look.

He also knows how to be photographed for his ID badge.

When the office published this picture of him, it immediately went viral.  Chico is so awesome. Our great respect to him.

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