The abandoned dog found the most suitable place for himself, becoming an honorary member of the fire brigade


The co-founder of No More Pain Rescue, Erica Manken, received a call about an abandoned dog, stating that the dog was in a very bad condition.

Its previous owners were quite poor people who did not even have the means to take care of the dog.

There was not even electricity in the house. The family recently moved from there due to a blizzard.

There was only left a half-ruined house and a poor dog, which was starving to death.

After hearing the whole story, the rescuers went there and met Ashley. He was extremely malnourished.

At that time the rescue team did not have the opportunity to keep the dog there, as they had no free space.

So they decided to turn to their New York Fire Department friends to find out if the dog could stay with them until they found a new home for him. .

At that time, they could not have imagined that this place would become Elshi’s favorite one.

He chose the fire station as his eternal home.

A few days later, they received a call from the fire brigade, who said that they wanted to keep the dog with them, because he felt very well with them.

So happy, that the dog finally found the most suitable place for himself.

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