George and Amal Clooney adopted a dog from the shelter, who had been found on the verge of starvation


It is so gratifying that celebrities set an example for all by doing good deeds helping those in need.

Today we will tell a story that immediately attracted the attention of especially animal lovers, receiving many words of praise from them..

A couple of months ago George and Amal Cloone y decided to adopte a dog, whome people met in front of one of the restaurants in California and took him to a shelter.

The dog was terribly hungry and as if was trying to beg for bread crumbs from passers-by.

The hungry dog ​​was found near a restaurant and taken to the San Gabriel Valley Humanitarian Association.

The famous Hollywood star, seeing the photo of the dog, decided to go and meet him.

So the very next day the couple went to the shelter with their dog to meet the sweet creature.

They also took their other dog to a shelter to introduce the two and see if they could adjust to each other.

And happily everything went wonderfully.

Since the dog had no health problems, they filled out the paperwork the same day and returned home with their new baby. The Clooneys named her Millie.

It would be so wonderful that all the dogs could find their eternal homed as many dogs like Millie are looking forward to that happy day too ․․․

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