From a very young age the girl started making wheelchair for the disabled dogs sending them to people for free


Christina, who was only 17 years old, became a volunteer. The girl started participating in many environmental actions.

Another time, when she read about a nearby animal shelter,she gathered all her friends and they took food and other useful things to the shelter together.

There Christina immediately noticed a dog named Mukhtar. The dog’s legs were paralyzed and he was walking in a wheelchair in the shelter. It was bought by a number of volunteers from the shelter.

When the girl came home that day, she started researching animals with disabilities and the devices they need to move. All of them were very expensive.

So a brilliant idea came to her. She decided to design a stroller for animals. She told her parents about it and received their full support.

And now, after a very short time, the first prototype was already ready. And what next?

The girl started informing people about her initiative through social networks. The post was noticed by an old woman who lived in the village and had a disabled dog.

They got in touch with the woman and were so happy that the size of the first stroller she made matched.

The girl presented her first product to the woman, who was immensely grateful to her. In time, her invention became more and more widespread.

The girl did not take money from people for her products, so she decided to go to work during the summer to be able to buy the necessary materials.

She was able to make 220 strollers in one year. Upon hearing about her initiative, kind people helped the girl a lot by giving necessary items and also money.

This good deed has united many people of different ages and tastes, who do not stay away from the realization of this wonderful idea.

And, of course, her biggest supporters – parents and grandmother.

They also help the girl in every possible way, who at the same time instilled love and compassion for the animals.

The girl had been taking care the wounded animals since childhood, bringing them home and treating them. And so they already have four cats, three dogs and many other animals.

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