The dog and the rat met each other in the most difficult time of their lives and even being so different became best friends


In a short time, these two managed to conquer the whole world with their wonderful friendship.

No one could have imagined that they would become inseparable friends because they are so different from each other.

Osiris is a Dutch dog, and Riff Rat, as you can already see on your screens, is a rat.

The rat was in the middle of life and death when he was still a few weeks old, but fortunately he survived due to his friend.

Osiris has not gone through an easy life before too and has also gone through a process of salvation.

The poor dog was abandoned and left all alone.

As he went through similar trials in his life and understood very well what it meant, he helped little rat when he was on his way to recovery.

In fact, Osiris was originally brought to this family to be cared for temporarily until he was fully recovered.

But everyone loved the dog so much that they could not separate from him anymore. And they decided to keep him forever.

Osiris is also a wonderful friend who does not leave the needy alone and helps as much as he can to help his friend in difficult moments.

Such kid of companies are not ordinary. The two never part from the first day of their meeting.

They are so wonderful. Everyone admires these two sweet creatures. Of course, at first no one could have imagined that the two would accept each other, but soon they proved the opposite.

They did not leave each other alone in the difficult moments of life and helped each other to overcome everything. Now you can enjoy their sweet photos.

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