The street musician received a lot of support from the four cats, who became very attentive listeners


The street musician played in the street every day, but was always ignored by people. No one stopped to listen to his music.

Because of that, the musician was in a very desperate situation and had completely lost his hope.

He was very sad and lonely. The musician had no audience or just anyone who would stand and enjoy his music.

And see what a funny incident happened one day in the street, when he was playing again.

A group of cats came and gathered in front of this musician.

They listened so attentively and with great interest, as if they were great music lovers.

The man was also inspired by the presence of his audience – four sweet kittens.

The man was playing the guitar and singing for the best audience.

Seeing this scene, people stopped to listen to this talented man’s music and were amazed to see that cats.

One of the passers-by filmed the scene and decided to post it on the Internet.

After that day, the video spread all over the world. Everyone admired them.

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