The goat was given the tiger as a live food, but the tiger refused to eat the animal, befriending him instead


This tiger used to feed on goats, but only before meeting this goat.

Twice a week he is fed live food, which always includes goats and rabbits. But when Timur was taken to the tiger, something amazing happened.

Amur refused to eat it that goat. He, for some reason, decided that the goat was not a hunter, but his friend.

In a matter of minutes, they formed an inexplicable connection and behaved like real old friends.

The goat followed the tiger wherever he went. The zoo staff even says that the tiger protected his best friend in every possible way.

It was as if he told the workers not to approach the baby.

That was very strange cauyse he had never behaved like that before, and had never shown such aggression towards the park staff.

Everyone admired their friendship, but unfortunately nothing lasts forever.

The zoo had to separate the couple after the goat had pierced the tiger with its horns.

Surprisingly, Amur did not kill Timur but he gave him some scratches.

However, their romance is not over yet, as their fences are next to each other and they greet each other from the other side of the fence every morning.

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