The two newborn kittens were found in the box and rescued by kind volunteer who helped them to fully recover


A box containing a pair of kittens was found near the store.

A man found them and tried to find someone who would agree to take care of the litle ones.

So a volunteer agreed to take the cats home and care for them.

The cats were still very small and could not survive without any help.

The volunteer fed the cats with a bottle and took care of them with all care.

Within a few days, the cats already had a positive change.

They were already fully able to stand on their feet.

The cats became more active day by day and they are very interested in everything.

After that days on the street, the cats finally felt calm in a comfortable home with their siblings.

They can finally enjoy their new home together and play all day.

No one knows how they appeared there, but fortunately they were found in time and now they will not have to live outside again.

They will be eternally grateful to their mother for saving their lives.

They also made friends with other members of the family, who also adore cats and are very caring.

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