After rescuing her from the street the cat has become adoptive mother for 3-week-old kittens


Melissa, who is an animal shelter owner, recently received information about a stray kitten, which was left outside in the extreme cold.

Thanks to the benefactor, the cat was quickly rescued and placed in a shelter.

The cat was treated very well here. So after a few hours she felt very safe and calm.

She also got used to human touch and started studying every detail of her surroundings.

A few days later, everyone was just amazed at what they saw.

The cat was first found while feeding 2 kittens, and in the evening their number reached 5.

She cared for the kittens as if she were their mother. Melissa was so happy after seeing that scene.

At first, mommy cat was naturally very shy and protected herself from everyone.

However, when she realized that she was very safe there and that everyone loved and cared for her, she began to trust everyone and make friends with everyone.

And after some time she has become a mother to these sweet kittens, who immediately accepted her.

They enjoyed their time together in a safe environment. Her kittens follow their mother wherever she goes .

All of them are definitely going to have a bright future.

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