Volunteers saved the mother cat with her four kittens, but one of the kittens was very shy and avoided people


The rescue team received a call about a cat mother living with her four kittens behind a shop.

The team immediately came to their aid, taking them for a medical examination, as they needed medical help.

The cats were calm and felt very safe. Todd was the only one who had difficulty adjusting to the new conditions.

He even got sick a few days later. One of the volunteers decided to take him home and take care of him.

A few days later the cat started to adjust to the new conditions and he was slowly getting rid of his whims.

He gradually became accustomed to human communication and the new environment.

The volunteer says that when she took the kitten home, he calmed down and immediately slept in her arms.

The cat was clearly in need of love and began to seek companionship in its new home with its new owner.

The volunteer took care of him very carefully and with great care.  He already felt much better in the presence of his temporary mother. He especially loved it when his mother hugged him.

At first he may be mischievous, but when he begins to trust you, he will immediately show his wonderful and kind nature.

The cat is still shy, but he hopes that a caring family will notice him and give him all his love and warmth.

In fact, the world’s best hugging cat is hidden under shy behavior.

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