Everyone ignored the sweet dog until one day he appeared on the show and won the hearts of many


It is so dad that there are a large number of stray dogs in South Africa.

So a group of volunteers wanted to help as many cubs as possible with the Dogbox Project. They worked hard enough to save homeless dogs.

One day, as the volunteers were about to start their work, they met an adorable puppy who was wandering the streets.

Most of the time, the stray dogs were quite timid and would not let people approach them, but this dog was not like that.

Seeing these people, the dog immediately followed them.

The volunteers realized that the pup was just looking for a home and was waiting for help from everyone he met ․․․

The sweet baby was named Scribble. They noticed that the dog was lame.

They took the dog to the veterinarian, and he mentioned that it was most likely the result of a blow.

It was probably done by a heartless man, from whom the dog waited help, but instead received that cruel treatment.

Fortunately, Scribble’s injury was not serious and it was possible to heal his leg well.

But that did not end there. Sidewalk Specials prepared a wonderful surprise for the dog.

They took the dog and presented it on the Expresso Morning Show. The life dreamed of by a dog was finally coming true.

The main purpose of presenting this adorable baby in the show was to find an eternal home for him and the other dogs in the shelter.

And indeed the results were not late. Thanks to this show, a number of dogs have found their family and can enjoy their happy life.

It was a wonderful example for everyone to adopt dogs from shelters.

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