After the kind girl rescued Bobbo, he got a job becoming the best worker of the shop


The worker, noticing Bobbo, took him to a shop so that he would not stay on the street.

Bobo’s new friends followed him wherever he went.

Anne, who had saved the cat, was already keeping 4 cats.

The next day she took the cat to the veterinarian for a proper medical examination. Ann loves cats, helps and feeds them as much as she can.

This cat also joined their ranks, who loves to spend his time in front of the store, where he already has many friends.

He is a very curious cat who likes to look out the window the most. He feels like the owner of the store.

He already has more experience in trading than many other employees.

Bobo knows his responsibilities very well and his main work is to make sure that the cardboard falls to the floor, the most responsible job, as the sweet cat thinks.

Everyone who comes to the store immediately falls in love with him and he is very pleased when he is in the spotlight and everyone admires and caresses him.

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