After her dog passed away the woman decided to get a tattoo in memory of her sweet pet


We are going to tell a story that will move you too.

Hannah Halchin and her dog, Sebastian, were just inseparable friends from the first moment of their meeting.

They have been doing everything together for 6 long years as do real friends.

They were inseparable. Hannah did everything for her beloved dog.

There was so much inexplicable connection between them that only they could understand. Unfortunately, nothing is eternal.

Sebastian died in October last year, leaving unforgettable memories of himself.

Halchin said that Sebastian and she have become best friends since the day of their meeting, and she will never forget their happy days.

She also mentioned that her dog liked to express her love and feelings in different ways, but perhaps the most emotional of all was hugging her arm.

So Hannah decided to do something that will forever be an integral part of her life, always reminding her of her dog.

So she made a very sweet tattoo of a dog’s paws on her arm. She did the tattoo the way her dog always hugged her arm.

They also have such a photo together. This is really he pure definition of loyalty. So touching!

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