A touching story of two adorable babies, who were about to undergo euthanasia, but everything was going to change


One photo can change lives, as it happened with these two dogs. They are Kalan and Kira, who appeared together in the shelter and from that moment became inseparable.

They were proof of true pure friendship, but unfortunately they were taken to a murder shelter and they seemed to understand that too.

But in fact, life had prepared something different for them. The day was already planned when one of the employees decided to take a photo and post it on the page of their shelter.

And here is the best news of them. The puppies were spotted by Angels Pet Rescue, who learned that the puppies were going to be euthanized.

Then the rescue center spread a photo of them with a heartbreaking title and story.

They tried their best to save the two best friends from that terrible ending.

The post spread immediately, and just two hours later it seemed like everything was going to change.

A man, seeing the picture, immediately called the shelter and mentioned that he was going to take the dogs.

However, he had the opportunity to care for the dogs until there was an eternal home for them.

Then, three months later, a picture of the dogs was posted on Facebook again. This time they won the hearts of more people.

One day two roommates came to adopt them, which was perfect for them. They will both be able to maintain their friendship and meet whenever they want.

It turns out that the two of them had seen that announcement a year ago, but both of them had already adopted other dogs.

Unfortunately, both dogs died at the same time. When they learned that Callan and Kiera had not yet found their eternal homes, they immediately contacted the shelter and brought the dogs home.

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