The sweet monkey did his best to put the little duckling to bed. Watch the video of adorable couple here


There are many stories about real friendship in the animal world, and this mainly refers to the same species of animals.

But there are often exceptions, when wonderful friends are made from different kinds of animals. They are among the exceptions.

Through them we understand that even completely different animals can become inseparable friends and form a strong friendship.

The monkey and the duck are the main heros in this story. When the monkey met the duck, it seemed like love at first sight.

He approached her as if to pull something out of her feathers, then gently hugged her and lay down next to her.

Maybe the monkey thought that the duckling wanted to sleep, but she could not, so she needed his help.

He was so careful with the little bird. He caressed her and took great care of her.

A few minutes later the bird felt calmer and more comfortable and, lying next to the monkey, closed her eyes and immediately fell asleep.

The monkey did a wonderful job like an experienced mother, putting the baby to sleep.

The duckling understood that she could trust the monkey completely.

They spend the whole day together, walking, eating, playing and then resting and sleeping together. They both feel so good together.

What an extraordinary friendship! Right? Also watch the video here, where the monkey gently takes care of his beloved friend.

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