The former shy, nervous dog has become very active and sociable, finding her eternal home


Seven-week-old Leyla was shy and nervous when the animal welfare organization brought her to a shelter.

She was very young, but she had already gone through so many difficulties.

The staff did their best to make her feel better and to adapt to the new environment.

After a while, a positive change was noticed and Leyla even started smiling, melting the hearts of all the staff.

Fortunately, one of the employees, Rachel, managed to take pics and videos and show it to the whole world.

The change in her behavior was obvious and showed everyone how adorable she is.

Leyla was already quite well and people could come to adopt her.

After Leila’s video was posted, she received numerous applications from various families.

But the perfect couple and family for her became Nicole Tony and her husband.

They had previously rescued several stray dogs and cats and cared for them all perfectly.

The doggy immediately became friends with one of their rescue dogs, Ledin, and they spent their whole day together.

The family thinks that Leyla just reminded Lady of her babies.It would be so amazing that all the animals in the shelter find their eternal homes !

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