The cyclist rescued the little kitten and when one volunteer came to take him home, the little kitten immediately jumped on his shoulder


Some cyclists had already finished th e race when suddenly noticed a small kitty.

It seemed to be hidden from people and got under the car.

They approached to help the kitten and tried to find someone who would agree to look after of the cat.

Then a volunteer, Madison Kelly, came and agreed to take care of the kitten.

This girl adores cats and also had another cat in her house.

When the girl approached to hug the kitten, the baby qucikly climbed on her shoulder.

So after some time they went home together. The kind girl named her new pet Puig, which means “podium”.

When the girl drove home with her kitten, the cat wanted to get behind the wheel instead of sitting in the seat, and then, in Madison’s arms, roaring all the way.

When they got home, Madison bathed him, fed him, and then Puig fell asleep.

The cat was extremely active and lively. He was interested in everything. He walked around the house all day and studied the surroundings.

The naughty cat always takes the dish sponge and puts it in the girl’s bed.

And then he goes to the socks and puts them on the pillow.

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