The dog, who went through many difficulties, now needs our prayers to overcome the hardest days of his life


Meet Luna, a wonderful baby who deserves our maximum attention and prayers.

The dog used to have a very difficult life because he lived outside and there was no one to help him or take him home.

Nevertheless, he did not lose hope, and with each new day he waited, hoping that kind people would finally come to his rescue.

He is very small, about 4 months old, so it was terribly difficult for him to survive on the streets without his mother. He also weighs about 1.3 kg.

It turns out that Luna used to be a pet, which was abandoned by its owners and left on the streets because of his malnutrition and weakness.

In addition to health problems, the dog was also injured and had a head injury, his legs also were injured and he could not stand on his own.

He was completely exhausted due to human violence and indifference, but he was still fighting for his life and wanted to live.

He was finally spotted by kind volunteers and taken to a veterinarian for treatment. He was x-rayed there.

He had a number of diseases related to the liver, intestines, kidneys.

Luna will stay there until he overcomes everything.

Let us all pray for the doggy. Let’s hope that the danger will pass as soon as possible.

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