The cat who used to be ignored because of his grumpy face has won the heart of this woman and finally got adopted


Francesca Franken saw a cat with a very strange appearance on the shelter’s website.

The cat’s sad eyes immediately and unique appearance immediately caught her attention.

She decided to write on the shelter’s website and ask if the cat was still available or if he had already been adopted.

She was so restless that she could not even sleep that night because she had not been answered yet.

On the other hand, the interesting thing here is that the shelter staff was even surprised that someone has finally appeared who wants to adopt that cat.

He had been there for a long time, and no one paid attention to him. Everyone considered him very strange.

So they answered her the next day and told that Bean was still available and that they could come and take him home.

She was also told that the cat was found on the street and had a difficult life, until the shelter staff found him and brought him to the shelter.

He had dreamed of caring owners all his life and had never felt love. The cat also had an eye infection and other problems.

Franken, however, was definitely convinced of her decision and decided to bring the cat home.

When they got home, the cat realized how caring his new mother was; He was so grateful to her.

Bean is now with his mother, wherever she goes. he also has to sleep in the same room with her.

Beanie’s favorite food is olives. His eyes begin to glow when he smells the olives.

He was just obsessed with salty foods. Fortunately, cats can eat a small amount of olives, so the mother allows him to eat.

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