The cat has developed the funniest adoption strategy, but does it help?… Check it out here


A cat named Sigmund had been in the shelter for some time, and he decided to make a plan for his adoption. Here’s what this three-year-old cat did.

He had developed a ‘brilliant’ strategy and he was sure that it would definitely help him to be adopted.

His only goal was to be in the spotlight. By adopting a cat, people will also get free window cleaning.

He came up with some unusual ways to win the hearts of his new owners…

The cat was just having so much fun. The workers were even amazed at how he always thought of something new and more creative.

While looking at the pictures, you will also see and get acquainted with his fun tricks.

Due to all this, they came to adopt him a few days later, but the owners sent him back only a few weeks later, reasoning that he had behaved very rudely and could not adapt to his new owners.

In fact, he is a sweet but gloomy boy who, like other cats, loves that he gets a lot of attention.

We hope that he will soon find an eternal home, as the poor cat has been living in a shelter for quite a long time.

People just need to come and adopt him. They just need to be a little patient and everything will be alright.

If he is definitely treated warmly, he will definitely feel better and will adapt to living with new owners.

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