A kind cobra cared for the two little puppies in the well until rescuers arrived and pulled them out.


The two-month-old puppies appeared in a very bad condition. They were at the bottom of the well, together with a large poisonous cobra about 2 meters long.

Fortunately, they were found by kind people who were passing by a well that had long been considered abandoned. They heard the cries of puppies.

The young people quickly approached the well and saw that there was a snake beside them.

They were very worried about the dogs’ lives. A two-meter poisonous cobra was right next to them, and they did not know how to safely rescue the puppies.

But after a while it became clear to them that the snake was not going to harm the babies and seemed to understand that they were in trouble and needed help.

Everything that happened just seems unbelievable. The cobra stayed with the cubs for about two days so that they would not be in a dangerous place until the people came to the rescue.

Only after the rescuers came down to the bottom of the well did the cobra leave them and immediately disappear.

And the rescuers took the frightened puppies and took them out. In fact, snakes can also be kind and friendly, reaching out to those in need.

Fortunately, everything ended well and now, and they already have new kind owners.

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