Since 1977 this heroine started taking care of orphaned elephants who lost their mothers because of poaching


Prohibited hunting has become a real threat to our wildlife. Many do not even realize how serious the consequences can be.

Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick is a wildlife activist. This woman has dedicated most of her life to caring for elephants orphaned by poachers.

She started her activity in 1977. Of course, little elephants can not survive in the wild without their mothers.

But over the years, Daphne, thanks to her research, was able to create a special milk formula to help the elephants get proper nutrition.

Daphne is a real heroine. She seems to have become the mother of all these little elephants.

She raises them all so carefully. Elephants feel very safe and always run to hug their beloved mother when she comes to them.

Daphne later began to care for rhinos too, noticing that a large number of rhinos were being killed by poachers.

So she also took on that heavy responsibility of caring for that animals. Daphne takes care of them, after which the animals are able to return to the wild.

Unfortunately, poaching has increased in recent years. People are trading in ivory illegally, which puts these animals in danger. Pleas stop this monstrous trade.

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