The stray kitten who had walking problems, has found the most caring family ever


One day the father of the family noticed a stray mother cat in their yard with its little kitten.

The cat, seeing them, quickly disappeared from the yard, but the baby remained there.

They decided to move the kitten to a private cat rescue organization called KAAATs.

After examining him, the veterinarians told then that the cat had a lot of health problems, and could never walk.

However, the kitty was not going to give up and fought for his life to the end.

They fed the cat here every 2-3hours.

Fortunately, the cat began to become more active and stronger day by day. He was already playing with other cats there and was feeling well.

He was surrounded by very kind volunteers who surrounded him with love and care. They also bought a lot of toys for the baby.

Everyone in the shelter loved him very much. The family who rescued the kitty was still waiting for the baby to recover so that they could adopt him and take him home. TAnd happily that day came.

They decided to take the cat home and introduce it to their other animals. They also had 3 dogs.

They are all very kind and love cats. The most friendly of the dogs was Cinder, who immediately loved and accepted the new member of their family , named Harpur.

The cat loved him too and followed him all day wherever he went.

Their connection was getting stronger day by day.

About six months later, family members put a special cart on the Harpur, which helps animals with walking problems.

It helped Harpur a lot and now he can even run around the house and have fun with his friends.

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