The rescued kitten had a broken spine, but it didn’t prevent the baby to get adopted and find eternal home


This cat lived on the streets of America for a long time.

One day, caring people finally noticed him and decided to take him home.

The baby had spent a very long time on the street, which left its mark on his health.

After an examination, it turned out that the cat had quite a lot of health problems and needed to be treated immediately.

The baby had a broken spine and because of that his legs were bent.

Even after knowing all this, the family did not leave the cat alone and decided to do everything to help him.

The cat was named Lady Purl. The adoptive parents took great care of the new member of their family.

Thanks to kind people, the cat’s condition improved day by day and after a while he was able to overcome all his diseases.

There were still some problems only with the spine. The Lady still has mobility problems!

However, the kitten has already learned to move with both front paws and is also taking vitamins.

There are also two pets in the family, each of them the family rescued from the street and they also have certain health problems.

The family knows very well how to take care of animals with special needs.

The kitten becomes more active day by day and spends great time with his friends.

The family does everything to make him feel very calm and safe.

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