The cruel man chained the dog and left him to die but happily the rescuers noticed him and took him to the hospital


This heartwarming story is about a chained dog who was left there to die.

Rescuers saw the pit bull, who was later named Francis, and rushed to his aid.

The dog’s eyes indicated that he had gone through many hardships. They could not leave him in that state and leave.

One thing was for sure. It was a step taken by a very cruel man who chained the dog to this building so that he would starve to death.

How can someone be so cruel ․․․ Fortunately, his plan did not come true and failed.

The animal was found by kind people in time and rescued from those chains.

Francis was released and put in a car. However, the rescuers could not remove all the chains.

He stayed there without food for so long that he lost a lot of weight. It was so heartbreaking.

The rescuers quickly took him to the clinic to undergo the relevant examinations.

The next few months were very tense. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove both of his eyes.

But even after all those hardships, Francis never stopped smiling, because he was sure that he was very safe and loved here.

He was on a special diet, and shortly thereafter, his skin began to grow again, regaining its former appearance.

Then one of the rescuers offered to take the dog home and take care of him.

The foster mother did everything she could to make him feel happy. After that, his new mother could not let him go.

Now watch the video below and enjoy it. We are so happy that everything ended so well.

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