Navy servicemen rushed to rescue four little kittens from the sinking ship bringing them to the shore


We are going to tell you an amazing rescue story with the participation of these sweet cats.

It was the beginning of March 2021, when all this happened. The sailors rescued the little cats, who found them in the sea.

When the distress signal was received, they rushed to the rescue.

The crew of the sinking ship was first evacuated, and this happened just a few minutes before the main part of the ship sank.

Fortunately, they managed to save the entire crew, after which the navy decided to reassess so that they could understand the possible oil leak of the capsized ship.

At that moment, happened the most unexpected thing in this whole story.

After carrying out all these processes, the staff assessed the area and suddenly noticed four cats.

Tattafon Sai, 23-year-old brave boy, swam to the sinking boat to rescue the poor animals.

The young man put on his shoulders all the cats that were there and took them to the boat.

He went to rescue them without hesitation and without thinking about the consequences.

His common goal was to save the babies at that moment.

They still could not walk on their own and cautiously needed help to reach the shore so the rescuers helped them.

They are now completely safe and secure.

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