After living in a cage for more than 8 years, the lions have finally been rescued and can now live in complete freedom


It is always so painful when we see animals kept in cages, especially lions, which we always imagine in complete freedom.

But, sadly, there are still quite a few circuses around the world, where these animals are deprived of the opportunity to live freely and are kept behind bars all their lives!

Recently, two lions were rescued from these conditions when kind people came to the rescue.

The team of volunteers managed to save both of them and return their right to a free life.

The moment when they are finally able to walk freely for the first time is so touching.

They had been waiting for that moment all their lives.

It is Tarzan and Tanya who had to live in a cage for more than eight years.

They were kept in a very small and inconvenient cage. Besides, they have been mistreated in the circus for many years.

Happily, rescuers appeared at the right time in their lives and rushed to the rescue.

Before meeting these good people, they lived a very cruel life, which left a big mark on their souls and bodies.

Fortunately, they eventually moved to a rehabilitation center and then to their new home, a sanctuary in South Africa.

That moment of feeling free was so touching and wonderful ․․․

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