After being diagnosed with cancer the sweet dog has been adopted in the last weeks of her life


May was wandering the streets when she was found in Indiana. She was unbearably thin and lost a lot of weight .

At that time she weighed only 70 pounds, while the norm is 140. In addition, the poor dog was diagnosed with cancer.

It turned out that she had about 2 months left to live. So the rescuers decided to make her last days unforgettable.

So a woman named Elizabeth Stark decided to take on that responsibility.

In the last 9 years she has managed to take care of about 400 animals.

She does it well and all the animals love her very much.

One day she posted an announcement on Facebook to donate food to May.

Fortunately, a lot of kund people responded and donated quite a lot of food and money.

Thanks to the kind people, more than 900 boxes of food were collected.

These donations not only helped solve May’s food problem, but also helped many other needy dogs.

In a very short time, May became a real internet star, who participated in various fundraisers and meetings with fans.

She is also very friendly and loves cats.

Stark, who was taking care of May, realized that she could not imagine her life without this dog and decided to take her home and make her even happier.

May had the most caring and loving family and the warmest home she could not even dream of.

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