The wonderful couple recently has set up a charity center for orphan babies and takes great care of them


Husband and wife, Susan and Jim, are two benefactors who have set up a charity center to care for the orphan babies.

Animals appear here for many different reasons.

They take great care of the animals and accept everyone as their child.

Some of them, if they are ready for it,are returned to the wild, but many of them stay in the center.

It mainly depends on their condition and the intensity of their recovery.

The center for orphans has been operating for 6 years, but before creating this organization, this couple was engaged in rescuing various animals for 15 years.

Then they helped the animals to recover as soon as possible.

At the moment, about 11 animals live under the care of the center, all of them of different types and needs.

They do all the work together, and also they have another employee who deals with paperwork.

Jim is especially close to the bears and treats them as if they were his own children.  When they were newborns, he would bottle-feed them all.

They do everything so that the animals do not feel the need for anything and feel free there.

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