Here is the first meeting of father lion and his cub and it was so heart-melting


This video has garnered a lot of views with the participation of these two adorable animals, where the lion father, whose name is Tobia, bows to greet his baby.

All of this happened at the Denver Zoo and immediately spread around the world.

The lion father’s attitude towards his son is so remarkable and wonderful. It was a very gentle and kind attitude from his father.

The Denver Zoo staff was even more surprised when they saw their unique contact with each other.

They promptly posted their swet video on social media and within minutes it went viral.

The cute cub had only seen his mother before and everyone was looking forward to what would happen when the cub and the father met.

And as you can see, everything went wonderfully. From that day on, the baby spends a lot of time with his beloved family, mom, dad and sister.

The baby becomes more active and stronger day by day.

The baby’s parents are very attentive to all his needs and do everything for him.

Definitely adorable baby will have a happy life in such a warm and caring family.

As half of all lions in aAfrica have become extinct in the last 25 years and their species are on the verge of poaching, the birth of this baby is a great success for this species’ survival program.

Hope, that seeing this wonderful baby lion , people will also help protect wildlife around the world.

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