This sweet dog, which keeps smiling even when sleeping, captivates everyone with its boundless optimism


The name of this smiling dog is Shevi, who is known to all their neighbors.

This wonderful dog knows how to have a great mood any usual day.

Every day becomes a real holiday with him. He even smiles happily when he is asleep.

Its owners also organize long and interesting campaigns for him.

When they go to camp together, the dog wears a luxurious hat like all other campers. Everyone just adores this dog.

He smiles, smiles incessantly. That’s why he can ‘infect’ everyone with his optimism.

Only if he gets cold during a long walk, for example, dog’s facial expression starts to change a little.

It reminds its owners that their beloved pet needs extra care.

By the way, this wonderful dog is already nine years old.

By human standards, Chevy is already in his sixties. But he is still full of boundless energy and optimism.

His smile is so sweet that it is simply impossible to pass by him indifferently.

Let’s follow his example and try to smile at strangers today that will surely make our wolrd a better place.

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