The dog, who lacks a part of his brain, fortunately rescued from euthanasia cause he have the most caring family ever


This wonderful dog is a little different from the others. He was born with a crooked jaw, a deformed skull and with a part of the brain.

His owner says that she started to feel that her dog had some problems when she was already 7 months old.

Before that, they did not notice anything unusual, because he was a very ordinary little puppy, who played and ran like other dogs.

They took Mousse to the vets for medical examination. There they learned about a diagnosis…

The doggy lacks a part of the brain, which causes a lot of difficulties for the dog.

Still, family members love him in the same way, considering him the most charming and intelligent.

Many people who have pets with such problems, unfortunately, choose the option of euthanasia or abandon their animals, leaving them in a shelter.

But fortunately Mousse has a wonderful family that just adores him. They spend at least $2000 a month treating their dog.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to cure a dog, but thanks to all that, it is possible to at least alleviate its pain.

He often has seizures, which last for about 35 minutes. These are the most difficult moments in Musa’s mother’s life.

Despite all these difficulties, the dog remains a true friend to all members of the family members.

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