After being rescued from the street the 2-week-old kittens have found the most caring daddy ever


Midori has already managed to save 4cats in her life. They could have died if it were not for this kind woman.

Recently, she saw an announcement about 2-week-old kittens, which were found completely helpless and alone on the street.

She decided to go and save them. After a while, she already had a small box in her car, which contained 2 small cats.

They weighed only 120 grams. The kittens had nothing to eat and could not survive for long. Mid named the babies Koi and Haku.

When they came home she started taking care of the kittens and did everything for them.

At first she began to treat the kittens’ eyes. Her husband supported her in every way possible, and they cared for their kittens as if they were their own children.

They both fed the kittens with bottles every two hours. They also had another cat named Wang. After a while, they tried to introduce the kitties to Wang.

Fortunately, the cat did not reject the kittens and began to take care of them as their father.

He licked them and protected them in every way possible.

Cats just adore their new dad. They follow him wherever he goes. They always like to hug each other and sleep.

As for Koi he has a very special habit and mainly sleeps hanging on his father’s tail.

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