The photographer took amazing pictures of the motհer otter and her baby who was sleeping on the water


Special moments related to animals always illuminate our lives and transmit infinite positive charges to us.

This wonderful scene is provided for us by the otter mother and her little baby.

Wildlife lover and wonderful photographer Susie Esterhaus has managed to photograph the wonderful creatures and now we have the opportunity to enjoy it.

The sweet couple was swimming in Monterey Bay, California, when a photographer spotted them together.

As we can see from the photos, her baby was asleep and the caring mother was blowing on her baby’s fur to help keep him afloat until she found something to eat for the two of them.

Fortunately, the 40-year-old photographer had a great opportunity to take great shots with them.

It turns out that most otter mothers are quite shy, but this otter is very accustomed to the presence of people and feels very calm.

She lovingly raises her baby in the harbor.

The photographer also said that she sometimes left her baby floating in the water while she went to look for food.

Esterhaus was so impressed with those moments.

She exemplifies how reliable wildlife animals can really be.

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