The foster father started crying when he realized that it was the time to say goodbye to these sweet angels


Seeing Mike’s tattoos, few could have imagined that he simply adores kittens.

But it turns out that this unusual and strict-looking man not only loves cats, but may even cry for them. Sounds unbelievable, right?

A few months ago, the hero of our story decided to change his field of work a little and start working with animals.

And then the workers of shelter called him to take care of these babies.

He immediately agreed; So soon wonderful little creatures appeared in his house.

Four sweet cats were looking at him with their expressive little eyes. Only one of them was a girl whom Mike named Leah.

Michael still could not believe his eyes that he really agreed to become a “dad” for these little miracles.

The babies were growing up and became more active day by day. But soon it was time to return the kittens to a shelter.

The man was so attached to them that it was a very difficult moment for him.

He says that he does not regret for a second that he agreed to bring them to his house.

He now just hopes that the cats will find their eternal homes, and they will take great care of them.

How good it is that there are so many wonderful people in the world like Mike. Kindness will absolutely save the world.

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