Augie, who celebrates its 20th anniversary with his beloved friends and family, now considered the oldest dog in the whole world


This cute doggy is Augie.He is already 20th yearrs old.

He is considered the oldest dog in the world compared to other dogs of this breed.

The dog lives with his two owners, Steve and Jennifer.  They live in Tennessee.

He became a member of their family when he was 14years old already, which corresponds to our 78years old.

According to statistics, this type of retriever usually lives 11-12years. They also often get cancer.

So when the dog was brought home, Stevie and Jen thought the dog wouldn’t live long and sometimes worried about it.

However, the couple took good care of the dog very well, and it also became clear that the dog was fortunately in good health.

Now the doggy has only 2nd degree renal insufficiencyi.  However, he started receiving treatment on time and now his condition is stable.

It is true that August is a little slow to move now, but he likes to take part in various events and spend time with his family.

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