When the farmer rescued the stray animal, at first he thought it was a kitten but then it turned out to be cougar cub


One day in Colombia, a farmer named Elber Guzman spotted a kitten on the side of the road and hurried to help the poor baby.

According to the farmer, the kitten was completely alone and the mother was nowhere to be seen, no matter how hard he tried to find him.

It was a stray baby that was probably abandoned by his family or separated from his mother by circumstances.

The farmer decided to bring the kitten home and take care of it. But when he got home and looked at the little baby in more detail, he realized that the “kitten” was not like a normal domestic cat, but different.

Elber decided to call their local environmental agency for help, as they would know much better how to care for the animal.

It turns out that the animal that Elber saved was a cougar cub, not a cat.

Because the animal was still very small and young, it was difficult to guess at once and it was easy to confuse it with a kitten.

The organization soon received help and they took the cougar to a veterinary examination and then to give appropriate care to him.

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