The sweet Bulldog gets so offended when his father rejects him, saying ‘No’. Just watch this funny video


Sometimes the answer to “no” can be overly unacceptable. Frustration, especially when we are not allowed to do what we want and go the way we want more, can lead to a great deal of anger. It applies not only to us humans but also to our beloved pets, who also understand a lot and can have quite deep feelings. That is why when talking to them or forbidding something, we should think long and hard not to break the hearts of these little creatures.

This may sound strange or amusing to many, but in the case of this dog you will be convinced that we are not really exaggerating and in fact the dogs have a rather fragile soul. Often our animals do things that are unacceptable and we forbid them or punish them in some way so that they do not do it again. They often do not understand what all they are doing and what the consequences will be. They are too young to realize that there is another idea behind it.

This is what happened to this dog, Louis C.C. You just have to watch this video to understand what it is about. He is really against everything that is happening. Then look at the face of this bulldog. He’s just so funny. This young baby is so confident that he knows everything better. Hurry up to watch this funny baby.

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