The sweet little kitten has found a wonderful family where he takes his favorite blanket with him wherever he goes


Sarah Budzinowski worked at Wilson Veterinary Hospital.

It also has its own rescue center, The Sparky Fund.

Once they brought 3-week-old kittens here, which had been abandoned.

All the kittens that were brought there were in perfect health, except for one kitten, which had a disease and because of that the veterinarians had to remove part of its tail.

When Sarah saw this kitten, she just fell in love with him.

Budzinovsky was the cat’s new guardian, and she and her fiancé were so happy that they would take care of that wonderful baby.

They took great care of the cat, doing everything possible to make it recover faster and feel calmer.

They gave the kitten a very comfortable blanket and a small fluffy rabbit.

He just adores it. He also takes his blanket with him wherever he goes.

There are also another pets in the family and they are all get along very well with each other.

Renly even shares his favorite blanket with his siblings.

He feels great in his new family, where everyone adores him and takes great care of him.

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