Here is important information about normal blood pressure by age and also about first aid


Here is a very important information that everyone needs to know.

Normal blood pressure at any age (upper / lower index).

The normal pressure of a one-year-old child is as follows:
96/66 for boys and 95/65 for girls

The normal pressure of a 10-year-old child is as follows:
103/69 for boys and 103/70 for girls

Normal pressure of 20-year-olds:
123/76 for teenagers and 116/72 for girls

The normal pressure of 30-year-olds is as follows:
126/79 for men and 120/75 for women

As for middle-aged people, the normal pressure is as follows:
40-year-old men : 129/81, 40-year-old women: 127/80
Men and women over 50: 135/83(men) and 137/84(women).

Here’s how to give first aid in case of high blood pressure:

You need to pour hot water into the container at a temperature of 37-40 and put your feet in it. Hold for about 20 minutes, after which the pressure will gradually decrease.

Let’s be more informed and take a good care of our health.

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