The daughter did not invite her mother to her wedding, saying that she did not want to be ashamed of her


One day, Anna received a call from her beloved daughter informing her that she was getting married. She invited her mother to the wedding, and also asked her for money. After that , the mother sent the girl as much money as she had asked for.

The woman was calm because the girl had promised her that she would not leave her mother alone and would put her in her house. In the evening, Anna was sitting in a room, remembering the days when her daughter went to another city to study.

The girl promised to visit her often before leaving, but then everything changed. Her daughter needed money, so Anna sold her garage and her husband’s car for her daughter. A few days later, she received a wedding invitation.

Anna has been sending her pension to her daughter for 4 years already.

When she arrived, she asked, whether the daughter will be able to meet her, but she answered that they have many guests, so it would be better for her to come by taxi.. So the woman found a taxi and went to her daughter. When Anna entered the room, she saw that there were only young people and that everyone was drunk.

The old woman tried to find her daughter, but what she found out just broke her heart. It turned out that the wedding took place two days before, and the girl invited her mother only on the third day. When Anna entered her daughter’s bedroom, she was drunk and did not realize anything ․․․ Her mother kissed her silently and left.

After traveling for 18 hours, she finally got home and began to cry. The next day, when she talked to her daughter, she asked why she had not been invited to the wedding and here is what she answered.

– Mom, my husband’s parents are well-known and respected people, his mother is a lawyer and the father is a bank manager. How should I introduce you to them? You don’t even know how to holda fork properly.I did not want to be ashamed of you.

How can you be ashamed of your parent ․․․

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