Living with my elderly mother has become very difficult and I do not know what to do and where to take her so that I don’t feel guilty


My mother was quite old when my brother and I were born. However, it did not affect our health or anything else.

True, my mother was old, but my brother and I never had a problem with anything. She did everything for us.

Unfortunately, my father died early. I was only 17 years old. So my mother started to do everything for us.

After graduating, my brother received a job offer from USa and went to work there. So I stayed with my mother in Armenia alone.

Now my mother is 80 years old already and she needs round-the-clock care. She began to forget everything, such as turning off the iron, the gas, although I told her many don’t touch anything. When my mother wakes up, she goes to the kitchen to prepare something.

But she most of the time burns the food, or instead of salt she puts sugar, she often puts dirty plates in the drawer and so on.

A few days ago I was terribly scared because she had left the house and forgotten the way home. It is very difficult to live like this, because I do not know what can happen the next minute. I work a lot and when I come home I want to relax in the evening, but instead I am always restless and nervous.

What refers to my brother, he completely forgot about us and does not help us․․․ I don’t know what to do.

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