Due to the efforts of the kind girl the sweet little cat weighing only 60 grams got a chance at a second life.


Most of the time premature babies hardly survivee, because they are very weak and mainly have health problemsThey also gain weight more slowly than other cats due to certain health problems.

They also feel very vulnerable in the early months after their birth because they can’t even hold their head.

One day they shared a post on Facebook, in which it was said that the premature baby who was abandoned by its mother now needs care and a lot of battention.

A kind girl named Debbie Timis, seeing the announcement, decided to take care of the little kitten.

She realized that the baby has very few opportunities to survive, but was ready to take care of the kitten.

When the girl first saw the baby, she weighed only 60 grams and had no hair at all. Veterinarians warned her that the cat was very weak and might not survive.

T he baby was breathing very slowly and his tongue was completely white. But what happened next just shocked the whole staff.

The girl decided to give a heart massage to the cat. A few minutes later the cat seemed to get a new life.

Over the next two weeks, the cat made considerable progress.

The girl fed the baby every 2 hours and took excellent care of him. The girl named the sweet kitten Freya.

According to Scandinavian mythology, that was the name of the goddess of beauty and love.

The cat became stronger and more active day by day. She is a very curious and adorable cat who wants to know everything.

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