Volunteers found the mother dog and her two cubs in a very bad condition, and after being rescued they hugged each other


Animal Welfare humanitarian group received a call last week.

They were asked to come and help the dog family. Jane is a director of operations.

Arriving at the scene, they found a dog mother and her two cubs.

The poor animals lived in the mud without any support from their owners.

It was clear from that scene that their owners did not care about their dogs at all.

The small family was accustomed to these conditions and they were their only hope.

They tried to overcome every difficulty together.

So the rescuers, talking to the dog owners, took Peach and Leyla cubs with them to the shelter, as well as their 7-year-old mother, Lady.

After an examination by a veterinarian, it fortunately became clear that the dogs were in good health.

The director of the organization was simply amazed when he saw the two cubs hugging and comforting each other.

The cubs caressed each other until their mother came to them. They were so adorable.

Fortunately, the family was saved from their indifferent owners and now they live together in a shelter, receiving the love and care of the entire staff.

They are slowly learning to be more confident and becoming more active day by day.

They go for walks every day and spend time together as a real family.

They already feel very good and are waiting for their eternal home. How good it would be to adopt them together.

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