When they came to rescue her, the dog was so thin, that she looked like a sack of bones, but look at this gorgeous girl now


Today we want to share with you a story with a very happy ending. The change you’re going to see in this wonderful doggie is simply amazing.

This is how it all started. She was still a little puppy when she was bought as a gift for a man’s wife.

However, after the couple divorced, the man wanted to keep the dog with him, but as we can see, it did not end well for the dog, as he decided to pour all his fury on the poor animal, as he kept the dog chained for more than two years. outside, without a roof and also food.

When the animal rights activists came to the rescue, she looked unbearably weak.

It looked like a sack of bones. At that tine Finn weighed only 18 kg.

After living in such conditions, she had lost all his fur and was also infected with fleas and ticks.

When a haski was found in such conditions, they immediately took her to the vet.

Fortunately, Finn was strong and fought for her life. She had a very strong will to live and fought for her life.

After a while, the strong boy started to recover and became quite fat. She blooms day by day due to the love and warmth she received there.

Her weight had more than doubled. Look at this lovely girl.

She is so happy that those kind people came and saved her life, not letting her die.

The staff just adored the dog. She is so kind and smart.

When Finn recovered, the kind people even found a very caring family and home for her.

Finally the sad and hard days passed and she is now very happy in her new home.

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